Wasp Control Auckland

Wasps are insects belonging to the order of insects known as 'Hymenoptera' - the same order containing ants and bees. There are a large number of native wasp species in New Zealand, which have evolved here, and have never become a nuisance. In contrast, there are now five social species, which have been accidentally introduced into New Zealand, in recent years, and which are classed as pests, there are: The Asian Paper Wasp, The Australian Paper Wasp, The Common Wasp, The German Wasp and The Scoliid Wasp. There are many diverse reasons for having wasps or bees's on your property. Each year in spring, the queens will emerge from overwintering and begins to search for new nesting locations. As adults, many wasps feed on nectar and are also attracted to water sources such as ornamental ponds and swimming pools during summer months. Feeding varies from species to species, but may included other insects, nectar and pollen.

Can I do it myself?

Although there are Do-it-yourself methods and products available to remove wasps, it should be noted that without proper treatment, wasps will rebuild, if the entire nest is not eradicated.

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