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Terms & Conditions

Carpet Cleaning Terms & Conditions

Estimates and Quoting

  • Our minimum charge for any job is $160.00+gst (this can be a combination of rooms, hallways, stairs etc but upholstery cleaning is not included).

  • The price for our services given to you over the phone / email is subject to inspection of the job before work commences.

  • When our technicians arrive at your premises they will inspect the areas you have told us about. The technician will then inspect the carpet and stains before work commences.

  • The technician will also confirm the price with you before work commences.

  • Most of the time the price given over the phone does not change.

  • The technician will sometimes quote extra after inspection when the following occurs;

    • There are extra rooms or areas that we were not told about.

    • The rooms are larger than 14m2.

    • Parking near the job is unavailable.

    • Access to the job is deemed difficult access.

    • There are animal stains or odours that require extra treatments.

Spotting and Stain Removal

  • Normal spots and stains are included in the cleaning price.

  • Difficult stain removal is not included in the cleaning price such as; aged cordial, curry, rust stains, urine etc. If difficult stain removal procedures are required these will be quoted before work commences.

  • Dan's Property Services Ltd does not guarantee stain removal for any stains.

  • Re occurring stains: On some occasions stains and or spillages can respond negatively to cleaning. The stain or spillage may have spread to the backing and/or underlay and can wick through to the surface of the carpet. Dan's Property Services Ltd will not take responsibility for wick back or stains that have spread in the cleaning process and turned into permanent stains.

  • Blood and heavy spillage on carpet: Warning: we may have to re clean your carpet on blood spills and other heavy spillages where the substance has travelled through the carpet and into the underlay and flooring.  On some occasions blood and heavy spills can penetrate the carpet fibres into the backing of the carpet and the underlay. The blood  may re appear after cleaning the carpet days later due to “wicking” where the blood has travelled upwards from underneath and appear in the carpet fibres. If a second or third visit is required to re clean charges will apply. 

What Dan's Property Services does not guarantee

Permanent Stains:

Dan's Property Services Ltd technicians will endeavor to remove all spots & stains. We carry a large range of stain treatment chemicals. Stain removal will be successful providing the stain has not SET in the fibres. Once a stain has SET it causes discoloration due to dye change or bleaching and becomes permanent. The following substances are virtually impossible to remove once they have SET: coffee, cordial, curry, yellow urine stains,  pharmaceutical preparations, acids and bleach. Stains can be more difficult to remove from a wool carpet compared to a synthetic carpet. Deterioration, fading, heavy traffic and wear cannot be rectified by cleaning.

Urine stains and animal hair:

We do not guarantee the removal of urine stains as these stains can become permanent. Animal and human hair becomes intwined within the fibres and can be extremally difficult to remove from the fibres on an initial deep steam or dry clean. On occasions the carpet may require further DRY vacuuming after the steam clean with an upright vacuum cleaner on a daily basis with a rotating brush vacuum cleaner to completely remove hair. 

Damage to seams and joins:

No responsibility can be accepted for damage that may occur as a result of carpet seams and joins that separate in the cleaning process.

The latex used in carpet backings for fringing, seaming, tape binding and repairs deteriorates in time and may loosen during the cleaning process.

Cleaning items at customers risk. 

On occasions the technician may refuse to clean your items due to certain conditions or risk of damage to your items / furnishings. Examples of this occurring on items such as: Indian cotton sofas, Haitian cotton, coir and or some sisal rope carpets. On occasions customers have asked the technician to proceed to attempt cleaning anyway. We will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur when a customer has asked the technician to proceed after the technician has recommended that the items should not be cleaned due to risk of damage, making a stain more prominent or spreading the stain or poor cleaning results.

Cleaning of carpets that have been dyed. 

Your carpets and or furnishing at some stage may have been previously DYED with colours rather the replaced. Some dyes do not hold and colours may run and your carpet may show colour loss. You or our technician may not be aware that your carpets have been re dyed. We will not be liable or take any responsibility for any colour loss or damage due to your carpet and or furnishings being re dyed.

Cleaning fabric sofas without cleaning care label. 

All fabric sofas in NZ are required to have a FABRIC CLEANING CARE label attached to either the base and / or cushions from the manufacturer. The label is intended to inform the cleaning technician on what methods and procedures are recommended by the manufacturer. On some occasions your sofa may have the label removed. If the label is removed Dan's Property Services Ltd will not be held responsible for any damage caused during the cleaning process due to the technician not having access to the manufacturers instructions.

Our Guarantee

  • Dan's Property Services Ltd cleans carpets and upholstery to New Zealand's Standards AS/NZS 3733:2018

  • If you are not satisfied with our service we will re clean any areas of concern within 7 days.

  • We do not extend our guarantee to furnishings that have permanent wear and tear and permanent stains.

General Terms & Conditions

  • All prices exclude GST.

  • Though commonly called “steam cleaning”, no actual steam is involved in the hot water extraction cleaning process. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is commonly referred to as the same process. Consumers often use these two terms interchangeably

  • Payment is by cash, eftpos, Credit Card or any payment plans available at the time on completion of job. (4.2% surcharge applies to all credit card payment).

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning or Carpet Steam Cleaning (hot water extraction) are the same price.

  • Prices for a room are to a maximum of 14m2.

  • A small hallway is to a maximum of 7m2.

  • Combined Lounge dining area is considered as 2 rooms.

  • Heavily soiled and industrial carpet cleaning. If our technician considers your carpet to be beyond normal carpet cleaning procedures the technician may re quoted the job at industrial cleaning rates.

  • Any no shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will attract a cancellation fee.

  • Your confirmation time: You are normally given a confirmation time showing a 30min to 1 hour window of arrival. We are not responsible for delays due to traffic, previous job going overtime or any delays which may cause your technician to be running late. We will attempt to contact you if your appointment is running late but we generally do not offer a discount or reduced price for delays in starting your job.

  • For approved ACCOUNT holders the following conditions apply:

  • Should any invoice not be paid and remain outstanding after 30 days, Dan's Property Services Ltd is entitled to recover from the Customer any monies owing under this agreement;

  • Indemnify Dan's Property Services Ltd is entitled to demand the immediate payment for all outstanding invoices and damages for breach (including debt collection costs, legal costs and solicitor costs for recovery of the outstanding invoices on an indemnity basis);

  • Charge interest from the date of the expiry of the invoice until the full debt plus any costs are paid in full.

Contact Dan's Property Services Ltd if you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions.


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