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Rodent Control Auckland

Rodents are mammals that are characterised by having two incisors which must be kept short by gnawing as they grow continuously. Among the most well known and common rodents are: The House Mouse, The Norway Rat and The Roof Rat. These species, are considered to be commensal rodents, meaning that they have an unusual relationship with humans which leads them to 'share the same table'. Rats are generally larger than mice and can grow up to 450mm long, including the tail, and mice up to 190mm long, including the tail. Both mice and rats, are a common pest problem for New Zealand homeowners and businesses, especially during the winter season. Both rats and mice are looking for shelter, food, and water. Although it is more common to find them nesting and living outside it is common for them to stay in buildings and properties, if the right conditions exist. They will gain entry to properties through cracks and holes, but also through openings that have been made for utilities but the size of hold required will differ by species. As an example, an adult common house mouse can fit through a hole no bigger than 6mm or squeeze through a crack the width of a pencil.

Can I do it myself?

There are plenty of Do-it-yourself rodent control measures available but it is not often that they are successful. It takes a trained eye to know just where to place bait and traps for maximum effect and this is just the quality Dan's Property Service professionals possess. Worth remembering too, is the fact that chemicals and pesticides can be extremely harmful to humans and pets if mixed or used incorrectly which is why it is best to call in the professionals - Dan's Property Services.

At Dan's Property Services, we strive to give customers a rapid, efficient service and make every effort to be with you as soon as possible.

Call Dan's Property Services now for all your rodent control needs!

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