Pest Control Services in Auckland


No one wants to share their home or business with unwanted guests which bite, destroy buildings, or spread infection.

From flies and spiders, to rodents, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches and more - if you have pests on your premises, quick identification and eradication is crucial. Get in touch with Dan's Property Services today!

All our pest control services come with pest treatment guarantees so you can relax and remain pest free for longer.

Dan's Property Services use safe, New Zealand manufactured insecticides which are safe around your family.

Flies - Ants - Fleas - Mosquitoes - Cockroaches - Rodents - Bed Bugs - Wasps

No matter how big or small the job, Dan's Property Services is trained to handle it. 

Fly Control Auckland

Fly Control - 3 month guarantee

Controlling flies in and around your property can be a difficult task and unless all traces of their food source and breeding areas are removed, they can very quickly re-infest. Calling Dan's Property Services is your best bet for a quick, efficient and safe resolution to your fly problem.

Flea Control Auckland

Flea Control - 3 month guarantee

Fleas can be a very difficult pest to get rid of as they can be brought in to your property from outside sources, even though you may not have a pet. Should you find a flea infestation, calling Dan's Property Services is your best bet for a quick, efficient and safe resolution to your flea problem.

Cockroach Control Auckland

Cockroach Control - 6 month guarantee

Most people understand just how difficult cockroaches can be to get rid of; in fact, their toughness is the stuff of urban legend. This naturally nocturnal pest has a keen ability to quickly adapt to almost any surrounding. Dan's Property Services highly trained pest professionals excel at knowing just where cockroach hiding places are located, and which cockroach treatment solutions will be the most effective. We will customize a cockroach control solution to rid you of these tough, disease carrying pests.

Rodent Control Auckland

Rodent Control - 3 month guarantee

By their very nature, rats and mice are elusive, shy, and fast-moving but they also possess another quality which can be used to assist in removal - a natural curiosity. It is still not easy to rid your property of rats and mice and this is where Dan's Property Services comes in. Our highly trained technicians, will make a thorough inspection of your property and tailor a rodent control solution to your every need, ensuring a quick and full answer to your problems.

Wasp Control Auckland

Wasp Control - 3 month guarantee

Getting rid of wasps can be a dangerous task and one best left to the professionals. Dan's Property Services, team of highly trained pest control professionals, know just what to do in such cases. 

Ant Control Auckland

Ant Control - 6 month guarantee

Ants can be a particularly difficult pest to eradicate. This is due to the nature of their foraging habits and colony development. Because only a small percentage of ants within a colony are actively foraging for food, it is vitally important to inspect and locate where the ants are coming from. It is entirely possible for ants to be foraging long distances and the nest may not be located with property boundaries. That is why it is important that Dan's Property Services professionals are called in to provide a thorough inspection. For optimal results, Dan's Property Services recommend a quarterly pest control service, to effectively prevent ant infestations.

Mosquito Control Auckland

Mosquito Control

Reducing the instances of mosquito bites and breeding areas can be an extremely frustrating task. Call Dan's Property Services to take control of the situation. From here, we will consult with you to create a customised mosquito solution, to ensure that your mosquito problems are taken care of as quickly and effectively as possible.

Bed Bug Control Auckland

Bed Bug Control - guaranteed service

Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of once an area has been infested. They are nocturnal feeders rarely seen during the day and their flat bodies make it easy for them to hide in cracks and crevices in mattresses, linens, behind baseboards and inside furniture. Dan's Property Services offers approved bed bug control services. We begin by scheduling a thorough and detailed inspection of your property to ascertain the extent of the infestation. Armed with this information, our pest control team will customise a program to your specific needs, treating not only the infested rooms and furniture, but surrounding areas as well.

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