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Flies are known to spread a lot of potentially dangerous and deadly diseases. The 'fly poo' that you see on your ceiling, door frames, etc. is actually a mark that flies leave by regurgitating saliva as they break down their food. When a fly does this on a potential food source, they are transferring an acidic saliva onto the food to break it down and then suck it back up, effectively possibly transferring salmonella and gastric infections onto what you are about to eat.  The most nuisance flies are the common house fly and blow flies, where often housekeeping and having a spray treatment from Dan's Property Services can be of great help. Dan's Property Services recommend fly treatment to all interior areas and front and rear porches, plus any other potential problem areas observed by the technician at the time of treatment.

Can I do it myself?

While there are some do-it-yourself fly control products on the market, they are generally ineffective unless proper and continued maintenance is carried out. It is worth remembering that if chemicals are used in do-it-yourself pest control, they can be dangerous to humans and pets if mixed or used improperly.

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