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Do DIY Flea Bombs actually Work?

While no one wants fleas in their home, flea bombs are often more trouble than they're worth. Discover why flea bombs are an ineffective solution.

Fleas multiply quickly, and it can be hard to control their population in your home or yard. A commonly advertised method of flea control is the flea bomb.

While bug bombs are tempting, they are not proven to be very effective, and their use carries potential health and safety hazards.

What is a flea bomb?

Flea bombs are similar to cockroach bombs, and are also known as foggers or total release foggers. They work by pressing a button on an aerosol can and letting a pesticide-infused fog cover the space. This fog then falls to the ground where it sticks to surfaces. However, according to most pest control companies, this method is not effective!

So how effective is a flea bomb against flea larvae and eggs?

Flea bombs are not an effective method of flea control. The pesticides released do not penetrate the carpets or other fibers where the flea eggs and larvae are likely to be hiding.

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If you have fleas in your home and are unsure of the safest, most effective way to rid yourself of these pests, call Dan's Property Services Ltd.


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