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How do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of once an area has been infested. They are nocturnal feeders rarely seen during the day and their flat bodies make it easy for them to hide in cracks and crevices in mattresses, linens, behind baseboards and inside furniture. Dan’s Property Services offers approved bed bug control services. We begin by scheduling a thorough and detailed inspection of your property to ascertain the extent of the infestation. Armed with this information, our pest control team will customise a program to your specific needs, treating not only the infested rooms and furniture, but surrounding areas as well.

Can I do it myself?

Do-it-yourself methods of bed bug control are not often successful due to the naturally elusive and nocturnal nature of the pest. An experienced eye and training are essential to fully understand and eradicate the pests, using tried and trusted techniques. At Dan’s Property Services, we employ a team of highly trained, pest control professionals, that are ready to assist whenever you need us.

At Dan’s Property Services, we strive to give customers a rapid, efficient service and make every effort to be with you as soon as possible.

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100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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