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How do I Get Rid Of Ants?

Ant Control Auckland – Ants can be a particularly difficult pest to eradicate. This is due to the nature of their foraging habits and colony development. Because only a small percentage of ants within a colony are actively foraging for food, it is vitally important to inspect and locate where the ants are coming from. It is entirely possible for ants to be foraging long distances and the nest may not be located with property boundaries. That is why it is important that Dan’s Property Services professionals are called in to provide a thorough inspection. For optimal results, Dan’s Property Services recommend a quarterly pest control service, to effectively prevent ant infestations.

Can I do it myself?

Do-it-yourself methods of ant control are not often successful. Many over-the-counter pesticide products for consumer purchase are not an adequate means to control ant colonies because they are not customised or suited to treat the particular species of ant you are having a problem with. Dan’s Property Services pest control professionals, are trained to seek out foraging and trails around your property, in an effort to locate and eradicate the entire colony. We provide our customers with a bottle of ant gel for on going treatment. Ants carry the gel back to their nests to wipe of the whole colony.

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