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Updated: Apr 18

If you’ve discovered mice or rats in your home, take heart, you’re not alone. During winter months we receive thousands of requests to treat for rodents inside homes and businesses. At Dan's Property Services our certified rodent control professionals will put an end to your frustration by getting rid of rats and mice inside the home. Our holistic strategy to safe, proactive treatments will effectively stop mice and rats in their tracks and keep them out of your home, once and all.

Our Approach To Rodent Control In Homes

We approach rodent control with a team of pest control experts who are extensively trained on all things rodents, including biology and habits. We follow a five-step system to get rid of mice and rats and keep them out. 


During our initial visit we’ll send one of our licensed pest control professionals to your home. He or she will provide a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior, paying special attention to where mice or rats can access the home.


When it comes to the issue of rodents in your ceilings, we don't recommend sealing off entry points otherwise you will end up with a nasty smell up there. We need rodents to be able to get out of these spaces and if we seal off their entry points they will die up there, and we don't want that. Rest assured, we’ll tell you if we discover a gaping hole or construction-related issue that needs to be seal but we can’t seal.


It is a necessary part of any successful rodent treatment plan to maintain mice and rat populations from the exterior, utilizing a specialized and tamper-resistant bait station. And not to worry, safety of people and pets is our number one priority!


During this key stage of treatment, our licensed pest control professionals will use a combination of products proven effective to treat mice and rats where they are active inside your home. Speak to our representatives to discuss the options that will work best for you.


We understand that multiple treatments may be necessary in complete eradication of mice or rats from inside your home – which is why we give a 3 month guarantee with our rodent treatments (residential only). If you still have a problem after 4 weeks of the first initial placement of our stations, we will come back and refill at no cost.

What You Can Do Right Now To Get Rid of Mice

Mice and rats remain elusive and mysterious to many property owners. If you’re wondering what it is that you can do right now to get rid of mice, follow these simple tips to get started.

  • Always make sure garbage can lids are tightly secure and refrain from placing recycled containers in the garage or on porches

  • Inspect the molding around doors to make sure that they seal tightly, paying special attention to the areas near the ground and other access points around the home

  • Inspect crawl space and soffit screens for rips or tears and reinforce with 1/4th inch galvanized hardware cloth

  • Store grass seed, bird seed, and pet food in metal containers with lids that fit tightly

  • Keep garage and bay doors closed when not in use

  • Maintain natural and holiday décor such as wreaths and dried arrangements in tightly-sealed containers when not in use

  • Maintain your property! Mow lawns regularly and make sure no trees are over hanging onto your home.

Contact us the experts at Dan's Property Services for all your Rodent Control needs.


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